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A Planetary Vision of Peace

Spiritual Politics

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Our thoughts, sympathy and love are with all those in Ukraine and elsewhere who are suffering from bombings, who are being shelled and who fear for their lives in air raid shelters and basements - and also with all those who are fleeing and have had to leave their homes. We think of you!

We are all connected to each other. And every moment of peace that we ourselves experience within ourselves contributes to the peace of the whole (cf. El Morya 2005:71). "A generation that hates war ... will not bring peace. A generation that loves peace will bring peace" (Roberts 1980:207).

Instead of being distracted by wars, fears of war, and saber-rattling, we should develop a powerful vision of a peaceful planet. The more people contribute to this vision, give it energy and strength, and align themselves mentally and emotionally with it, the less chance wars and violence will have, and the more firmly the vision of peace will be anchored in our consciousness and hearts - and ultimately on the planet as a whole.

Meditation and thought symbol for world peace:

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