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Prayer is communication with God

We human beings possess the privilege and opportunity to turn to God in prayer at any time. However, it is important that we do so in the right spirit. God answers our prayers - we just need to learn to hear and understand His answer.

"For your Father knows what you need before you ask him" (Mt 6:8).

"Prayer has its origin in that central area of existence which we call 'heart'. In contemplation there occurs a return to the innermost, a turning to that originality which is inherent in all we do. From the 'lostness-outward' the human being gathers to the essence and condenses his existence to a center. Imperceptibly, he leads the diversity of the world back to the supporting connections. This center of concrete existence is the epitome of man" (Boros 1978:12).

"The spiritually awakened know about the blessing power of prayer. They swing heavenward with their light-thought-prayer, for their Creator knows, after all, what they need for their upward development" (Weidner 2010:36). "Therefore, the follower of Christ asks for the spiritual-soul energies to fulfill his earthly tasks in such a way that blessing power may flow in for many of his fellow brothers and sisters, which they can receive from God's hand of blessing without restriction. This is also lived charity!" (Weidner 2010:37).

"And so it shall come to pass: before they call, I will answer; while they yet speak, I will hear" (Isa 65:24).

"A very important foundation of life is prayer. It is a foundation in the truest sense of the word: in the truest experience and in the truest giving. What you call prayer is speaking with God, and what we call prayer is living in God! It is not the same and yet it is similar. You have to get up from time to time to pray, and sometimes it makes you uncomfortable. But the mature know that if a request is in the will of God and is selflessly presented with the knowledge that it will be heard, it will indeed be heard. It is the will of God that His children be convinced that when they ask for something, God will grant it. Thus Jesus' invitation is: 'Ask the Father in my name, and he will grant it to you!' This basis of life 'prayer' is of great consequence for all those who, through their prayer and effort of will, raise themselves to the highest spiritual activity, because in this way forces are released from God and at the same time they ask God to hear them. This life activity returns strengthened and acts on those wave movements which make it possible to grant the child what it has asked for" (Weidner 1989:199/200).

A special form of prayer is the heart prayer: "The goal of heart rest is the remembrance of God ... or the constant thinking of God... In the heart prayer this becomes the constant thinking of Jesus Christ, when one speaks the Jesus prayer with every breath. The silence that the monk seeks is not an end in itself. It serves to enable the monk to pray always and everywhere and to be totally directed toward God, to become one with God" (Green 1998:94).

"I know that all of life is prayer, a labor of love for the weaker brother and sister" (Weidner 2007b:178).

"Praying makes the ice of our lovelessness melt and new life burst forth. Praying creates new strength in all our powerlessness and dependence" (Ludwig 1988:20).

"The commandment of the Bible is, 'Pray without ceasing.' Dear brothers and sisters, your rational thinking now resists this. ... Prayer [however] is direct contact with God. So if you consider that this prayer can produce effects through you and you put these effects into the service of God and this service then brings help to the fallen creation, there is not much missing to explain this mystery. Why? Because God also wants to work as an extended arm in the constant co-redemption of the fallen creation. And what does without ceasing mean? Without ceasing means to let all actions, all deeds, all thoughts, all striving, all wanting work through the higher self, through the spark of God in you. Then your daily performance of duty, your full devotion to God, your conscious life is a prayer in God's eyes. This you can do without ceasing" (Weidner 2008b:146/147).

"Indeed, it is ... necessary to distinguish between prayer and prayers. At least then, if we want to do what the Scriptures enjoin us to do, namely 'pray always' (Luke 18:1), we must distinguish between praying and saying prayers. ... If ... prayer simply means communication with God, then it can take place uninterruptedly. ... There is no reason why we cannot stay connected to God, no matter what we are doing or suffering. Thus we live up to the injunction to 'pray without ceasing' (1 Thessalonians 5:17)" (Steindl-Rast 1986:38).

In prayer, one should "ask for spiritually sublime things, things pleasing to God, things conducive to God, through
affirming the good in trustful turning to God, our all-loving Father" (Weidner 2002b:25) one should ask, pray, and think.

"Prayer is connectedness with the Most High" (Weidner 1987:104). "Small is man, but in prayer he becomes great, in prayer he grows beyond his reach, beyond his thinking capacity, beyond his present condition. In prayer you become a pillar of fire, a torch that flares up. Carried by the fluid of the angels, your pure, selfless prayer is raised up to a test, and this test always turns out well, is always affirmed, if you walk in the will of God!" (Weidner 2006b:175/176).

Once Ḥasan ibn ᶜAlī, i.e., the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, was asked, "Why are those people most beautiful who pray at night?" and he replied, "Because they are alone with the All-Merciful Who covers them with the light of His light" (quoted from Schimmel 1975:155; translation from English by CJ).

John Chrysostom wrote, "If you hold out to God all that is required of you, you will experience God's help in everything" (Chrysostom, PG 478; quoted from Grün 1997:31).

"Prayer is a special conduit from God's creature to his Creator. Everyone has this special conduction and everyone can make use of this special conduction. And if life, work is done in the sense of 'pray without ceasing', then the activity is also always included in this special vibration or in this special conduction" (Weidner 2002b:58/59). "He who is constantly in contact with the spirit realm of God, prays constantly that he may fulfill the will of God!" (Weidner 2006b:177).

"God, the Creator, is always ready to help. But ... [some, note] people, even in their distress, have built into themselves the 'valve of doubt of answer.' ... There are people who lay everything down to the Creator and say: 'I have experienced that you do everything better than I do. I work as well as I can'. And as a result, when he sets a good example to the family members, it comes to him and his family that more or less everything is done so quite empathetically" (Weidner 2007b:117). "It belongs ... on the part of the creature the unreserved trust to it - the trust to God and his help, and this Wahrhabenwollen then becomes visible and tangible in life!" (Weidner 2007b:120).

"All activity is spiritual prayer when your thoughts, feelings, longings and desires, simply your whole mind and striving are directed toward the good, that is, toward God" (Weidner 1994:43).

"Prayers are powers that one asks for either for oneself or for others. When using this energy, one must be very careful, at all when sending it for others. Please beware! And again, attention!" (Weidner 2001a:153). "Prayers are energies that often end up misused elsewhere or siphoned off. ... and there applies again ...: ask the guardian angel for help, strength, assistance, shielding and prayer reception!" (Weidner 2001a:154).

"... Prayers to God are also energies, and the response of grace or the hearing of prayer is also based on energies. Once this is understood, that everything in creation is in principle energy, and love energy in materialized form, in semi-matter, in spirit matter, and in universal love..." (Weidner 2000d:182), one also understands the mode of action of prayer.

"Grace we want to translate with 'spiritual help', with 'merciful love', and from it joy and tremendous rejoicing arise with the light messengers in the beyond, because again a child of the Father, their sibling being, has accomplished the conversion by pure, self-acting willing, home to the Father" (Weidner 1988:88).

In prayer it is important to close oneself off, to protect oneself, at the beginning of the prayer: "Heavenly Father, protect me, shield me" (Weidner 2001a:70). Then the guardian spirit can intervene, because thus the free will and the wish for protection was expressed. Another possibility is to ask the guardian spirit "Please help me" or "Shield me, I ask for your protective mantle" (Weidner 2001a:70). If I do not close myself off from prayer, negative forces can "tap" my energy - the energy of prayer.

"After inner spiritual gathering of your spirit soul forces, always begin with thanksgiving to your Creator and always consciously hold a believing, trusting pre-affirmation" (Weidner 1994:44).

In doing so, it is necessary to ask for spiritual help. "If you want to do everything on your own, you will lose. But if you request spiritual help by praying, closing yourself off, and - you always say it so beautifully - placing yourself under Mary's protective mantle, then you will make it." (Weidner 2001a:71). And: "Prayer is good, but shielding yourself from every prayer and asking for help is even much better! For then the guardian spirit or spiritual powers you have called unfold with you a stronger light than you alone are capable of..." (Weidner 2001a:72).

Also an aspect of faith is trusting that a prayer will come true. How a prayer works is shown by the following quote, "It is a kind of substance evaluation that comes through your personal prayer. Not all people's prayers, especially people of faith, have that core substance that helps build the spiritual or fluid framework. The prayerful, bitter or believer carries within himself that possibility of creation, through the God spark in the realm of his spiritual soul, from his spiritual powers, reason, the Higher I consciousness and the power of faith, to make that contribution to these spiritual or fluidal frameworks, so that they can develop so much power, that in the spiritual, first everything is realized in the spiritual, in the fluidal, and then it is realized, provided that you have no doubt or fickleness. So, if you are firm to your prayer and there are no karmic biases corresponding to it, you will receive what you have asked for. The rumor builders are your servants; this sounds improbable, but it is so. Although these are high spirit beings, they serve you in the law in that the higher evolved has to help the lower evolved" (Weidner 1998a:90).

"If you want to do something for your earthly future, then pray for the mighty ones of this earth" (Weidner 2001a:146).

Prayers thus "produce in the spirit-soul consciousness in its own God-url spark a sense of nearness to the Father's presence. And this awareness has a solvent, purifying, cleansing, liberating, repenting, harmonizing, receptive and receptive effect on his children asking him for the gifts of the Father" (Weidner 2002b:26). Thus, a prayer is not an unworthy begging, but "an inner realization of the God-ordained vibrational affirmation" (Weidner 2002b:26) between the praying person and the Creator or Father.

We should forgive all our brothers and sisters for their faults, and then ask God to forgive us for any transgressions against his will as well (cf. Weidner 2002b:79). We should also ask God to be our guide (cf. Weidner 2002b:80).

"Help always comes! Trust in that help!" (Weidner 2003a:167).

Prayers can be addressed to God, Christ, Mary or other spirit beings, they will be forwarded by them to the right place (cf. Weidner 2002b:62) and - if they correspond to the will of God - they will be fulfilled.

In the sense of Jesus applies: "Ask for knowledge, and it will be given to you. Seek God, and you will find him. Knock at the gate of the spirit kingdom of God, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks for knowledge receives it. He who seeks God will find Him. And whoever knocks at the gate of the spirit kingdom of God, it will be opened to him" (Weidner 2000d:22/23).

When trust grows, the chance of answered prayers also increases: "And when you have experienced answered prayers again and again, then you become strong. Your spirit soul is alive. It lives in another vibrational dimension, on another cosmic vibrational level" (Weidner 2000c:118). "The success and effectiveness [of prayer, note CJ] is built on trusting conviction, on prayers, on faith and imagination, because in your Higher I-Consciousness that is already becoming, purposeful reality, what you ask for in prayer full of trust! The key of this full effectiveness of the prayer lies in your higher I-consciousness: That only that comes into fulfillment, what is recognized as real reality by you! However, the indispensable demand, which Jesus addressed to his help and healing seekers, is called: Faith, trust and conviction! He said after all: 'It happens to you according to your faith!'" (Weidner 1982a:54).

It is important to set prayer and trust on a point A, that is, on a partial goal: "Do not set great expectations, but start with point A and build up systematically here! Because then your trust grows to prayer, to faith, to conviction and to your own imagination!" (Weidner 1982a:57). It is helpful to formulate the requested goal in general, i.e. in such a way that it can be fulfilled in different ways: for example, in the case of a wish, not too concretely, but as it is (presumably) intended by the will of God - but also leave the spiritual world room for concretization!

In addition: Depending on the stage of development it can be that not yet everything, for which is prayed, comes. Reasons for this can be that the person praying violates the love of neighbor, loads himself with guilt or otherwise does not behave according to the divine laws (see Weidner 1982a:60): "For only when you are free from these injuries or transgressions on this earth, then everything can be given to you for this earth! But as long as you are still bound or immature, many things cannot be given to you for this reason!" (Weidner 1982a:60).

"Who prays, he asks for something, and at the same time he cannot receive what he asks for, because his soul is still full of the request. These people, who ask, usually go back to their everyday thinking too soon, they step right out again, and their whole world of thoughts is caught up again by everything possible, possibly also by unfavorable thoughts. They do not keep pure the small period of time that is necessary for the power they have invoked to work, in which the guardian spirit, as it were, lays his hands on them. They would need these tiny moments so that the prayer can actually help them. Even if there is no momentary elevation in prayer, they are strengthened and are full of confidence" (Weidner 1990:184/185). Without this small moment of rest after prayer, the person praying cannot receive what he has prayed for or the stream of power from the guardian angel that comes in response to prayer (cf. Weidner 1990:185).

"A desire can be realized only when it is born of the will and finds from the spiritual power the impulse to make the divine in oneself a reality, in order to help this reality to grow, to become truth and real happiness through constant cooperation" (Weidner 1989:283).

"Lay before the Creator your request for help, but let it not be as you will it, but let it be said: Father, your will be done. For he knows what is best for you" (Weidner 2005a:56/57).

"But, you might now say, often and often you asked for help and prayed very much for this and that request, but your request was not heard! Friends, if you are honest and have ever thought about an unfulfilled request, you will realize that the request was not in the law, and extra-legally there is no answer from God. In other words, the non-fulfillment of your request was a help to you and your spiritual life" (Weidner 1988:74).

Every prayer should aim at knowing and fulfilling the will of God. If in every prayer we can say with deepest conviction - "Inshallah", "God willing" - we are praying in the right spirit and not from a selfish wishful attitude. Then God will answer - though perhaps in a different sense than we imagine.

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