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Other Texts

Spiritual Knowledge

There are texts on many other topics.

All texts
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Text SD 4: Will of God

Text SD 5: Approaching God
Text SD 6: Kingly Rule of God
Text SD 7: Reality
Text SD 8: Spirit Soul Body
Text SD 9: Task of Man
Text SD 10: Right conduct
Text SD 11: Personal Development
Text SD 12: A Pure Heart
Text SD 13: High Vibration
Text SD 14: Criteria of Action
Text SD 17: Thought power
Text SD 18: Critizising
Text SD 19: Faith
Text SD 20: Spiritual guidance
Text SD 21: Intuition and inspiration
Text SD 22: Creation and spiritual laws
Text SD 23: Humans are spiritual beings
Text SD 24: Religious communities and interreligious truths
Text SD 25: Spiritual unity includes diversity of life
Text SD 26: Spiritual reason and materialistic mind
Text SD 27: Thinking, being and silence
Text SD 28: Death an dying, this world and the hereafter
Text SD 29: Social and political commitment
Text SD 30: Ecology and environment
Text SD 31: The Will of God and the mistaken belief that you can do everything yourself
Text SD 33: Spiritual projects
Text SD 34: Spiritual rebirth and personal tests
Text SD 35: Everything is spiritual energy
Text SD 36: Fear is misdirected energy

Text SD 37: Instead of selfishness, trust in God and patience
Text SD 38: Karma as the law of sowing and reaping
Text SD 39: Health and illness
Text SD 40: Spiritual teaching
Text SD 41: Sexuality and love
Text SD 42: Dreams and mental development
Text SD 43: Mourning
Text SD 44: Fight good against evil - evil against evil

And here the cited literature.

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