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What we want


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What does geistige-entwicklung.ch want?  

geistige-entwicklung.ch understands itself as an initiative for the strengthening of spiritual and ethical development and as a platform for corresponding texts. geistige-entwicklung.ch is a scientific-documentary project.

The purpose of this project is to take existing texts and literature on intellectual, religious and spiritual issues and topics, edit them and make them accessible to an interested audience.

Based on the assumption that many intellectual, religious and spiritual texts are primarily aimed at advancing the spiritual development of people and humanity as a whole, geistige-entwicklung.ch attempts a synopsis of a wide variety of spiritual texts from the perspective of individual focal points of content.

Each individual text centers on one content theme.

What is important to us?

- The only thing of importance is the spiritual content and the spiritual orientation of the individual sources.
- The focus is on the knowledge and authentic communication of spiritual truths.
- The processed sources come from the most diverse religious and theological contexts.
- An interreligious balance is desired, but not required.
- In principle, all types of texts are considered, from historical sources to media reports to personal experience reports or dream notes.
- Each source and text cited will be identified with full bibliographic information so that it can be verified by third parties. Important: no source is excluded a priori.

What do we not do?

- geistige-entwicklung.ch does not do theological exegesis in the classical sense, i.e. neither historical-critical nor narrative exegesis. In contrast to academic exegesis, the focus is on the spiritual content, not on its historical authenticity or its narrative design. However, exegetical methods can be applied.
- geistige-entwicklung.ch does not conduct research in religious studies. Therefore, the religion-specific and socio-cultural attribution of a text are of interest only insofar as they are important for their understanding.

What are we not?

- geistige-entwicklung.ch is not an organization and does not want to found one.
- geistige-entwicklung.ch is not an "esoteric school" of any kind and does not form a group of disciples of any "spirit being" or guru - therefore it is only of marginal interest who is behind a message or a text, it is about its contents, in the sense: "by their fruits you will know them".
- geistige-entwicklung.ch has no financial interests. All texts are free of charge.

How can you help us?

- Texts and text references: Many thanks for all references to spiritual texts and to appropriate sources.
- Passing on our texts to interested persons: Make acquaintances aware of geistige-entwicklung.ch.
- Feedbacks on our texts: Many thanks for all feedbacks (to our eMail-address).

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