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Image of man and reality

Spiritual worldview

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A spiritual view sees the human being as a mental-mental-physical entity, with the emphasis or focus on the mental (spiritual) level. Primary is the spiritual-mental dimension, secondary - but also important - is the material-physical side.

From a spiritual perspective, human beings are interconnected beings, that is, a kind of transindividual and transhuman community of life that also includes all other living beings and ultimately all of creation.
Because every human action, every communication of humans always happens within the framework of a physical, three-dimensional environment, reality - and especially social reality - can be conceived as the activity of humans interacting in some way with the environment.

Seen in this way, every physical, bodily reality is always also a social reality. Or, to put it another way, social reality or reality is always (socially) constructed. This means that every reality we know or will ever know is always a socially constructed reality, and thus always
a) an anthropocentric (i.e., a "human" or "humanized") reality,
b) a provisional, potentially ever-changing reality, as well as
c) a partial, i.e. only fragmentary reality.

Space and time are auxiliary structures of the reality created by our consciousness - but they are not the reality itself. The succession in time experienced by us actually consists of an infinite juxtaposition of innumerable events. The actual reality corresponds rather to Jung's law of synchronicity, whereby the synchronicity applies in the end to everything what exists and what is possible. Such a reality overtaxes our consciousness to such an extent that we - at least in everyday life - cannot do without time and space construction.

1. Our everyday reality is an illusory reality, the true reality lies "behind": what we recognize with our senses is illusory.
2. There are no separate objects, living beings or events - everything is connected with everything.
3. The deeper, implicit order is holographic - and thus non-local - structured, behind the universe exists, so to speak, a "holomovement", which is non-local and non-temporal.
4. The division into "animate" and "inanimate" is nonsensical, because on the deeper level of reality everything is life: life is in the energy, in the space, in the time and in everything what is.

You can download a detailed text on this as a pdf file here.

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