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Inner peace leads to outer peace

External peace is always a reflection of people's inner peace. Only people who are in harmony with themselves, who work on their spiritual development, are able to convey peace impulses to the outside world and contribute to world peace. Inwardly torn people will also carry their conflicts outwardly, even if they do not want to.

"Blessed is the man who is at peace with himself. There is no greater happiness on earth" (Matthias Claudius, quoted from Hettinger 1987:44).

God is peace - and love: "God's holy peace be with you. Go in peace and keep peace, that spiritual power and strength and fullness which the Creator gives to those who love Him" (Weidner 2010:29).

"Gandhi went from village to village in Bengal in 1946 to get Hindus and Muslims to stop their atrocities against each other. People full of hatred not only against the other religious group, but also against the peacemakers, scattered broken glass and excrement on M.K.Gandhi's path. 'His reaction: he took off his simple sandals and walked barefoot. The moral impact was enormous'" (Arnold 2011:133).

All religions represent visions of peace - albeit in the form of different orders of salvation or social norms that differ from one another. More important than religion-specific laws or end-time expectations are the spiritual values behind them and the conviction that God as a loving Father invites us to return to him: "Only those can call themselves followers of Christ who avoid discord, strife, strife, disharmony, etc. themselves. And where they recognize that other human brothers and sisters have been influenced by the influence of negative beings to become peacemakers, out of themselves in prayers for peace with thoughts of love of peace give the unifying and pacifying, that is, their peace-loving powers, to God's messengers of peace for peacemaking" (Weidner 2000c:210/211).

"For as much as you are in God, so much you are in peace, and as much out of God as you are out of peace. If something is only in God, it has peace. How much thou art in God, as well as whether it be not so, know it by this: whether thou hast peace or strife. For where you have strife, therein you must necessarily have strife, for strife comes from the creature and not from God" (Meister Eckehart 1979:100).

"You know, indeed, that every day, every hour, indeed every moment, by an unkind word, or even already by an ambivalent thought expressed by your words, disharmony can vibrate toward and fill your brother or sister. If you say, 'This belongs to our life,' it is completely incorrect. Because it does not belong to your life at all, because by life I understand your God spark and your spirit soul. They live eternally and to them certainly no disharmony belongs" (Weidner 2005a:64).

"Therefore, let it begin with each one of you that peace may reign in him, that peace may create a vibration of light in him and spread in his aura, so that you may pass it on. Make an effort to do this with your thoughts. Go within yourselves as you connect with the Father and Jesus Christ. But be honest with yourselves, at evening prayer think carefully about your thoughts and about your actions in the course of the day and ask yourselves: Did I send out thoughts of peace or did I create discord? If there is discord in your family, the vibrations you are sending out are also to blame. ... Therefore, they [all, note CJ] should receive a peace radiation from you. Do not demand peace from others, but radiate it to your loved ones in the family - that peace may reign. ... Think more about it and make an effort that peace reigns even in the smallest. Then this [negative] power cannot get to you at all" (Weidner 2003b:194/195).

"If you want to try to put an end to war, ... [then] teach ... [people] to love God and trust in him; then they will learn to love even those whom they cannot trust and dare to make peace with them, not because they trust them but because they trust God. For only love-which is humility-might cast out of their hearts the fear in which all war is rooted" (Merton 1954:76).

"And peace will be with all men who are of good will and thereby contribute helpfully to the building up and contribution of human salvation. They will have peace already here on earth. And they will be able to multiply peace in the hereafter" (Weidner 2009a:80).

"If people really wanted peace, they would ask God for it and he would give it to them. Why should he give the world a peace which it does not really desire?" (Merton 1954:76).

"For the spiritually awakened one who thinks in the Higher I consciousness, a bringer of peace is that awakened person who radiates peace from within, that is, from the spirit soul, wherever he encounters all kinds of discord. ... In order to become such an awakened bringer of peace, you should first unleash the forces of peace and love in your own spirit-soul and thus kindle living effective forces. For only from the spiritual-soul inner you can pacify the human brothers and sisters and change them to the God-willed. Therefore, it is a necessary prerequisite to first free oneself from discord before approaching the liberation of fellow brothers and sisters from discord" (Weidner 2000c:210). And further: "If you ... therefore want to have thoughts of peace, you should think thoughts of peace, love peace, affirm peace in yourself and for others, learn to feel the peace vibrations, call the peace spirits of God to your aid and help to supply them with your peace prayers and peace loving powers. So that there, where you are aware of discord and negative discord spirits are doing their mischief among the peaceless people, the peace spirits of God have the say. Thus you can be ... from your conscious spirit soul peace force bringers for the messengers of God. For the active power of true and spiritualized Christianity is the spirit of peace and love" (Weidner 2000c:210).

"With most people the relationship to the outer nature - not to mention the inner nature, inner peace, peacefulness - and to themselves is disturbed. To bring this relationship into balance is often not achieved in one, two or three lives, depending on the burden, depending on the karmic conditions and the like. But what essentially matters to me is that you do not let your inner peace be taken away from you in all matters of your life. This inner peace cannot be expressed in words.... Inner peace is also a kind of proof that you live in God's law, and everyone can prove this by looking back at his path of destiny since he has been on the spiritual path. The inner evidence is that you give yourself an account of whether you have kept your inner peace in all matters, even when something unpleasant approaches you, standing above it, as it were, and not allowing yourself to be sullied by external impressions or sprinklings" (Weidner 2002c:141). "I want to express inner peace approximately in such a way that one is always in the spiritual harmony, in this spiritual stream, in this endless stream, in evenly harmoniously ascending vibration, that is, one does not mind what external things blaze up. One puts everything before one's spirit, checks it with one's reason, what cause it may have and what alignments one must supplement to ward off the surf, to stand there like a rock in the surf. Human life is a test in all its circumstances, in all its forms. But to look at this test from above, from a spiritual point of view, that is the balance, the inner peace" (Weidner 2002c:142).

"You earth brothers and sisters must give yourselves peace, that is, all your striving and striving should be attuned to inner peace, to peace with God and with His spiritual entities. If each one of you were exactly conscious of his beingness, he would have a much easier time in attaining peace and truth, but how far the majority of people are still from this joyful and glad frame of mind, and how easily they are brought into a completely opposite frame of mind! ... Peace must ... first radiate from the inner man, it must have seized the inner being, the mind, the thoughts, the good will, along with many good virtues, but above all charity, so that also here the expression of Jesus becomes truth: 'Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall obtain peace!'" (Weidner 1988:158/159).

"Many ... people have asked God for what they thought was 'peace' and could not understand why their prayer was not increased. But God simply let them have what they desired, because their idea of peace was just another form of war. So instead of loving what appears to you to be peace, you should love your fellow man and above all other things love God" (Merton 1954:77).

We suffer when something stands between us and other people: "I want to bridge the gap; I want to change, I want to forgive. How many times can you say that without losing face? Jesus answered a similar question: Not seven times, but seventy times seven is to forgive!" (Kuhn and Kuhn 1988:32).

"All too easily people are impressed by the outside. ... The innermost is ... far too little mature to understand the actual life, all too easily the outer impressions overpower the inner, in which case one cannot speak of 'God-fearing'. He who is God-fearing in the truest sense of the word is not afraid of God, but he is afraid of what could divide him with the Father!" (Weidner 1990:96).

"The soul should unfold, it should ultimately come to the transfigured state in which the spark of God has become the image of God. The goal is the direction and necessity that God has given to each one of us in life. So, dear brothers and sisters, when we advise you to pay attention to the emotional expressions of the soul in the future, check whether it is the external circumstances that whip up your feelings or whether it is the gentle whispering of God, the guardian spirit, who wants to move you to reconsider the situation that the feeling indicates to you: an inner world of tenderness, sweetness, building and striving for development. If you can examine this, then the degree of maturity of the world of feeling in your soul is already developed to a degree of consciousness that we so gladly wish for you, because whoever stands there examining on the basis of reason, moves home to the Father House of God" (Weidner 1982b:39).

Inner peace precedes outer peace - and through our alignment with our divine core and spirit soul, we can strengthen our capacity for peace step by step.

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